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Neighbouring Rights

What are they and why should I care?

Have you ever played on a recording? If so, you may be entitled to payments under the Neighbouring Rights royalty system.

Registration is FREE, you do NOT have to be a member of our association or the AFM to register your rights and you are entitled to royalties even if the recording was NOT under AFM contract.

Neighbouring Rights is a relatively new royalty for Canadian musicians administered similarly to the performing rights royalties paid to Canadian composers, authors and music publishers. But whereas SOCAN royalties are paid to those who write, compose and publish a song, Neighbouring Rights are paid to those who perform on the recording. You register these rights as a musician through the AFM. A second portion is paid to the owner of the master recording by a separate organization, AVLA. If you own the masters to your recordings, you should also register with AVLA.

Like SOCAN royalties, Neighbouring Rights payments are based on commercial and public radio airplay, which is monitored and logged at stations across Canada by a separate organization, Re:Sound. Royalties are also paid for background music in places of business, for the music you hear while you are on hold and waiting on the phone, and for satellite radio. Neighbouring Rights payments additionally include a royalty based on a share of blank media sales.

If you have ever played on a recording then you need to register your musician's Neighbouring Rights in that recorded performance. You will need to submit a list of the recordings which you helped make. We can help you register with Re:Sound and collect any royalties owing for recordings in which you have participated.

The range and sources for Neighbouring Rights royalties will be expanded over time to include background music, webcasts, commercial television, satellite radio, dance and fitness studios, movie theatres and live concerts.

We may already have money for you!

For more information or help in registering your Neighbouring Rights, call the Canadian Federation of Musicians Newfoundland and Labrador at 709-722-8005 or send an email to

To begin registering your Neighbouring Rights, download and fill out these two simple forms and email them to or fax them to our office at 709-722-8088.

The Appointment and Authorization Form allows the CFM to act on your behalf to collect your Neighbouring Rights Royalties and pay them to you:

Then fill out a Repertoire Form, song by song detailing all the recorded songs you have worked on. Remember to included all the songs you've been a part of recording, even if you are not the composer or if it was session work. Use as many forms as you need and try to be complete as possible in filling in the details: