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Touring to the USA? You need a Visa!

If you are a Canadian musician touring to the United States, your performances on US soil are treated like any other type of professional work, and the appropriate type of work permit is required. In most cases, the permit needed is a P2 Visa.

Failure to procure the appropriate work visa can lead to serious trouble with US Citizenship and Immigration Services. You can be effectively "black-listed" and denied any future entry into the United States.

Members of the CFM can apply for a visa for a $100 (CDN) processing fee. There is also a cost of $325 (US) paid to US Citizens and Immigration Services. Processing generally takes 14 calendar days. It is recommended that you allow at least 35 calendar days for visa processing.

You can apply privately through an immigration lawyer. However, costs can run over $500 in legal fees (as opposed to the CFM's flat $100 processing fee) and it typically takes much longer than going through the CFM expedited process.

Fees and other requirements are subject to change at anytime. Please check with our office (709) 722-8005 for the most current information before you apply.