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Funding for Musicians in Newfoundland


The Canadian Federation of Musicians is not a funding organization. However, member and non-member musicians can access a number of significant income streams through the federation.


  • Sound Recording Special Payments Fund - CFM members who record albums under the protection of a CFM contract will benefit from significant residual payments from the Sound Recording Special Payments Fund.

  • New Use - When CFM members file CFM contracts for their albums, their works are protected for New Use. New Use royalties are paid when a song enter a new domain of use, i.e. film, television, video games, ringtones or ambient music. New Use royalties can be worth thousands of dollars per song.

  • Neighbouring Rights - Members and, non-members can access Neighbouring Rights Royalties through the federation. These Royalties paid to all the musicians who contributed to recording a song (band members, session players) not just the registered authors and composers. Musicians register their works through the CFM who in turn pays the royalties collected from broadcasters and other music users.

  • Music Performance Trust Fund - The AFM manages a fund that co-sponsors free public and educational concerts. Member and non-member musicians can access this concert funding.

  • Pension - CFM Members can contribute to The Musicians' Pension Fund of Canada. Members begin collecting their pension once they reach retirement age or are afflicted with disability that would prevent them from working.


Musicians in Newfoundland have a number of sources through which to seek project funding.

  • MusicNL - The Provincial Music Industry Association receives considerable funding from the Government of Newfoundland which is redistributed to it's member musicians in the form of demo and full-length album recording grants, professional development grants and marketing / touring support grants. They are also the liaison for FACTOR, a national music industry support organization who provides funding for demo and full-length recordings, as well as press kit, website and video development.

  • Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council - applications are accepted twice annually by the NL Arts Council for project funding for recording projects, musical works in progress, performances, tours and the school touring / arts smarts program.

  • The Canada Council for the Arts - The Canada Council provides funding opportunities for recording, touring and professional development. Check their web site for more information on individual programs and application dates.

  • City of St. John's - The City of St. John's takes funding applications twice a year for artistic projects and has funded many recordings to date. They also sponsor a number a number of performance opportunities such as the Lunch time summer concert series.


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