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Music Industry Links


AFM - American Federation of Musicians helps thousands of musicians in both Canada and the United States. The AFM represents the interests of professional musicians. Whether negotiating fair agreements, protecting ownership of recorded music, securing benefits such as health care and pension, or lobbying our legislators.


MusicNL - is made up of musicians, composers, recording studios, distributors, managers, agents and other related music industry companies. Once a member of Music NL you have an online profile where anyone can listen to your music. You have access to Grants and loans for recording and touring, and an entire community of musicians and industry professionals.



FACTOR - Is a non-profit organization, dedicated toward the growth and development of the Canadian independent recording industry. Support is provided to Canadian recording artists, songwriters, managers, labels and distributors. Whether an artist is looking to record a demo, full length sound recording, market and promote an already existing album or showcase and tour domestically and internationally, funding is available.


Canada Council - The Canada Council for the Arts is Canada's national, arm's-length arts funding agency. Their main areas of activity are: Grants, Endowments and Prizes, Communications and promotion activities to promote and celebrate the arts.


NL Arts Council - Is a non-profit Crown agency. Its mission is to foster and promote the creation and enjoyment of the arts for the benefit of all Newfoundlanders. The NLAC receives an annual grant from the Province to support a variety of granting programs, office administration, and communications. It also seeks support from the public and private sector. It supports the following artistic disciplines: dance, film, multidiscipline, music, theatre, visual art, and writing.


Artist Support and Resources


Songwriters Association of Canada - Is a friendly community of songwriters to support each other in the creative journey. The SAC advocate on behalf of songwriters to protect the value of their work. Being a member has many privileges including opportunities to network, get your music heard, as well as honing the craft. You can also protect your work through the Canadian Song Vault, or have your music assessed through the Song Assessment Service.


Cultural Human Resources Council - With general membership and board members drawn from within the cultural sector, CHRC's work is guided by the sector and by the priority needs identified by sub-sector studies and baseline labour force survey data. Project Development, career development, job recruitment, internship support, and networking.


Canadian Music Centre - The Canadian Music Centre holds Canada's largest collection of Canadian concert music. The CMC exists to promote the works of Composers in Canada and around the world. The Centre makes available on loan over 20,000 scores and works of Canadian contemporary composers through its lending library. The Centre also offers an on-demand publishing service, music repertoire consultations, and is easily accessible through five regional centres across Canada, as well as through its website.


Rights and Royalties Registration


SOCAN - As a collective for the performing rights of our members - the creators and publishers of music - SOCAN makes sure they get paid for the public performance and communication to the public of their music. They do that by collecting license fees, as set by the Copyright Board of Canada, from anyone playing or broadcasting live or recorded music.


CMRRA - Stands for the Canadian Musical Reproduction rights Agency and is a non-profit licensing agency for music, which represents the majority of music copyright owners doing business in Canada, notably in the area of mechanical rights.


AVLA - AVLA administers licensing in Canada for the reproduction of sound recordings and reproduction and broadcast of music videos on behalf of copyright owners (record companies, independent labels, and individual artists and producers). AVLA's licenses ensure that owners receive compensation for use of their sound recordings and music videos. Any group or person making copies of sound recordings or music videos or exhibiting or broadcasting music videos requires authorization from the copyright holder or from their appointed agent, AVLA. Without this permission, the group or person is subject to legal prosecution for copyright infringement. AVLA also pays out neighbouring rights and private copying remuneration for eligible sound recordings.


Music Education in Newfoundland


Memorial School of Music - With 30 years of offering undergraduate concentrations in performance, music education, composition and music history, the School introduced Atlantic Canada's only graduate programs in music in September 2002. Strong in its professional orientation, Memorial's M.Mus. degree will permit specializations in performance, pedagogy and conducting.



CONA Music Industry Program - The Music Industry and Performance program is designed for students who wish to pursue careers as performers in the music industry. This industry has become increasingly prominent in recent years as evidenced in a dramatic increase in the number of successful acts from the Atlantic Provinces. Events such as the East Coast Music Awards and the Juno Awards highlight the success of such performers and demonstrate that the region is generating music that is gaining worldwide popularity.


Academy Canada Music and Recording Arts Program - The Music and Recording Arts program is designed to provide students with the technological and creative skills needed for success in today’s digital-based music industry. The heightened expertise and artistry of members of the music industry within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador has led to an increasing demand for recording artists.


Major Award and Showcase Opportunities


ECMA - The East Coast Music Association (ECMA) is a regional collaboration of people in the music industry of Atlantic Canada. They are a registered non-profit association dedicated to the music of Atlantic Canada. Membership is open to all individuals working in any sector of the music industry or those who support the music industry. Membership includes musicians, artists, agents, managers, record companies, studios, media, related corporation and retailers.


JUNOS / CARAS - Main focus is the exploration and development of opportunities to showcase and promote Canadian artists and music. CARAS, The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences produces and promotes the Juno awards and relies on member participation to properly identify, reward, and promote the achievements of Canadian artists.


CMW Canadian Music Week/ CAAMA - The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts (C.A.A.M.A.) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the commercial development of Canadian sound recording business domestically and internationally. C.A.A.M.A. works to provide the industry and its members with free educational programming and non-commercial showcase opportunities.


Canadian Country Music Association - Industry (including Artist) and Corporate members of the CCMA are able to nominate, vote and participate in the CCMA Awards process. Membership also gives you access to the CCMA's extensive industry contact database and 'The Source' the CCMA newsletter which regularly features industry tips and member news.

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