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Services for Music Teachers


Music Teachers Can Join Local 820


Music Teachers, whether employed by a music studio or teaching independently, can be members of our association. This gives you as a music teacher access to all our services: contracts, insurance, extended health benefits, pension and other CFM services.


Music Teachers Can Make Pension Contributions


We have confirmed with our national pension office that music teachers can use the Musicians' Pension Fund of Canada to accumulate pension contributions as members of our federation.


To generate a pension contribution you would sign a contract with the students you teach (or their parents) and file a copy with the local association. You collect your teaching fee and pass the pension amount on in a separate cheque made out to the Musicians' Pension Fund of Canada. The local association sends the contract and cheque to the national pension office. With each lesson and contribution, your total pension amount will increase. Pension funds are invested and earn income from year to year. When you retire, you will be able to access these funds as a monthly pension payment.


A teaching contract can cover a month or more of lessons. You can add a pension contribution of 10% of minimum scale fee to the fees you charge for your services. Or you can include the pension amount in your fees. In this way, you can contribute to your national musicians' pension while remaining independent and self-employed.


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