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Musicians' Pension Fund of Canada

Musicians' Pension Fund of Canada


The Musicians' Pension Fund of Canada is one of the most significant benefits available to members of the CFM and those musicians who perform under a CFM contract. Our national musicians' pension plan is registered with the Pension Commission of Ontario under the Pension Benefits Act (1987) and with Revenue Canada under the Income Tax Act.

Pension contributions are calculated based on a percentage of the scale fee established by the local association. For our jurisdiction, Local 820, pension rates vary and can be up to 18% of scale depending on the type of engagement. Specifically, pension for Live Performance is 10% - 18% of scale, and 12% for electronic contracts.


You should also note that it is the employer or engager who pays the pension contribution when you perform under contract, as the plan is registered as employer contributing only. Employee contributions are not required or permitted.


To qualify for pension benefits, the first thing you need to do is become vested in the plan. The rules for the vesting process are simple: you have to perform under an AFM contract that has a pension contribution (Live Performance, recording, CBC or other) at least once every six months, for a two year period, without letting six months go by without a contract.


Once you have completed the vesting period, your pension contributions are secure and will continue to accumulate as you report further work and as additional contributions are made under CFM contract. Pension contributions are held in trust for the purpose of providing benefits to eligible members of the pension plan.


The Musicians' Pension Fund of Canada is administered by a Board of Trustees consisting of a balanced number of employee and employer representatives. They are responsible for the overall operation and administration of the Fund, and serve without compensation. The actual operations of the Musicians' Pension Fund are handled by the Fund office, which is in Toronto and supervised by a Fund Administrator appointed by the Board of Trustees. 


For all information relating to your pension contributions and the Musicians' Pension Fund of Canada, please visit:

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